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wasp removal services in North Lanarkshire, South Lanarkshire & Glasgowwasp removal services in North Lanarkshire, South Lanarkshire & Glasgow

ALMAC Pest Control Services provide a speedy professional wasp control service in South Lanarkshire to eliminate wasps from your property.  Services include both domestic and commercial properties.


wasp control & removal in South Lanarkshirewasp control & removal in South Lanarkshire

Signs of wasp nests

If you’re seeing a large number of wasps in and around your home or work, there’s probably a wasps’ nest nearby.

Wasp nests’ come in many different shapes and sizes. They’re amazing pieces of architecture that can contain thousands wasps during peak activity in late Summer.

They build their nest using chewed wood and saliva to make a papier mache material. The nest material is durable, lightweight and surprisingly waterproof.

To work out where your wasps’ nest is, you can carefully follow worker wasps back to their nest.

In early spring, you might encounter a wasps’ nest the size of a golf ball. This would suggest it contains only the solitary queen wasp and maybe a few workers.

As the summer goes on, a wasps’ nest can contain thousands of wasps and easily get to the size of a beachball, if left to grow. 

Treating a wasp nest can be very dangerous. Wasps inside the nest will feel threatened and often become aggressive. This could cause them to sting you and others as they defend their nest resulting in multiple stings. Unlike bees, wasps do not die after one sting, they can, and will, sting you quite a few times!

Wasps abandon their nests after the Summer and won’t return to it the following year.

wasp control & removal in South Lanarkshirewasp control & removal in South Lanarkshire


Professional wasp control and what to expect

To get rid of wasps you don’t need to remove the nest, but you need to treat it.

To keep yourself and your family safe, call ALMAC Pest Services for a fast professional response.

We have technical knowledge and access to a range of professional use insecticides which are not available to the public.

We will normally apply an insecticide near the entrance of the nest. The wasps then take the chemical into the nest. After a couple of days the wasps will die from the effect of the pesticide. 

Even if you think your wasps nest is at an inaccessible height,  we have specialist equipment to reach and treat the nest in the safest possible way.

We can come and remove the nest after a few days, but this will incur an                                                                                             extra charge.

for fast local response & a friendly service make us your first call 07866 000 292

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